This all started on two people disagreeing what animal would win in a fight. After one year of still hearing this debate, we decided to bring it to people. The concept and rules are simple: Each person argues reasons why their animal would win in a fight. After a certain amount of time (undetermined as of right now) the back and forth debating ends. The winner is determined by the people. We will then go to random places, local cities, etc and get as broad of judges as possible. They will be interviewed on site and asked their opinion. The debaters can chime in to try and sway but when the person says Final answer is: “animal” it is final and the debater gets a point. First one to 10 (or maybe 20) wins. Records are kept and are listed HERE. Episodes with the audio and final score are below (NOTE: the number next to it is the overall episode in the podcast):

#2 (Unrecorded)

Debaters Overall Records